InterWrite Linux Driver

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


Enhance current Serial support and add support for all Bluetooth and USB InterWrite Interactive Meeting/School Boards and Pads for both and XFree86 Linux systems.

This driver provides a means of communication between InterWrite Interactive Products and the X Server. Communication to the X Server is in the form of mouse events. The driver will support both relative and absolute positioning.

Bluetooth support will utilize the BlueZ Bluetooth Stack.

Included with the driver is a java program called “IWLCalibrate.” This program allows for calibration of InterWrite Whiteboards running in Interactive Mode with a video projector.

Project Goals

Immediate Goal: Add support for InterWrite Bluetooth (BlueZ Bluetooth Stack Protocol) and USB products.

Longterm Goal: Create a GUI (QT) Device Manager similar to the InterWrite Windows Device Manager , which will manage all connected InterWrite products.


Functional Specification - GTCO CalComp IW Linux Open Source FS.pdf

Installation Instructions – xIWLinux_driver_installation.pdf

Compilation Instructions - xIWLinux_driver_compilation.pdf


iwld v1.01 - iwld_1.01.tar.bz2

IWCalibrate without jvm - IWLCalibrate.tar.bz2

IWCalibrate with jvm 1.4 - IWLCalibrate_jvm1_4.tar.bz2

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